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Traveling to China? You Will Need a Visa!

You’ll always find China as a destination on most people’s bucket lists. China is a very diverse country. You’ll see a range of every aspect of the country, from rural landscapes to modern metropolises and traditional ways of life to the fast-paced city lifestyles. China will definitely be one of the most exciting countries that you visit. There are many reasons for traveling to China. It’s a great place to visit for fun and vacation. It’s also a great destination to travel for work or business with such a booming economy. For any purpose of traveling to China, you will need to make sure to have a valid China visa. China has different visas for very specific purposes. These visa range in what you are allowed to do while in the country, the length of time that you’re permitted to be in the country, cost, and much more. Making sure to understand the different types of visas is important to ensure you get one to match your purpose for traveling to China.

The most common China visas that travelers request are tourist, business, work, and student. You can also find visas for visiting family or having an extended private stay in the country. Each of these visas are very unique.

A tourist visa will allow you to be in the country got general tourist reasons. You’ll be permitted to go sightseeing, attend social events, visit friends, and other related activities. This has an allowable time of 60 days but can be extended for up to five years. You will need a business visa when traveling to China for any commercial purposes. This can be going to various client meetings, conducting investments, buying and selling goods for profit, and more. A work visa differs from a business visa. Many people travel to China for work, being employed by one of the countless Chinese companies, both national and international. You will have to already be employed before obtaining a work visa but this will permit you to be in the country for the time that you are employed.

Student visas are very popular for traveling to China. Chinese universities are well connected around the world and have various study abroad programs for foreign students. If you are a part of a Chinese study program or going to a Chinese university for full-time study, you have a choice of either a max of six months in the country or a visa which permits longer stays.

Many people may get confused on the correct visa that they will need for their trip. Travel Visa Pro is a great resource for determining the correct visa whether you’ll be traveling for work or pleasure. Get in contact with us and we will provide all the information needed based on your travel needs.

There are several myths around the China visa application process. These myths make the visa process sounder much harder than it actually is, especially with the help of Travel Visa Pro. Since China only has designated embassies around the US, we understand that not everybody is located nearby to them. Mailing in your visa application isn’t necessary bad, but it can be a hassle for some people who have last minute travel plans and need the visa in hands as soon as possible.

There are a few things that you’ll need to make sure you have when you submit for your visa. While each visa has their own special requirements, there are a few that every visa requires. You need to submit your completed Chinese visa application, your valid original passport, an additional passport-style visa for your visa, and a copy of your license or ID for proof of residence. If you’re applying for a business visa, you’ll have to submit a business letter detailing your plans while in the country. For a work visa, you’ll need a letter from your employing company. For every visa, you’ll also have to submit a copy of your travel itinerary which can include your flight information and even accommodation reservations.

Travel Visa Pro has many advantages for obtaining your China visa. One of the biggest advantages is convenience. Travel Visa Pro has several offices around the US, both major offices and drop-off and pick-up locations. International travelers who may not be located nearby to a China embassy can stop by one of our offices and we will manage all of the logistics for getting your application submitted. We will ensure to have your visa in your hands with plenty of time before your trip.

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