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Traveling for the Holidays? 5 Tips For Home Security and Peace of Mind

As we approach the holiday season, many of us will be hitting the road to visit family and friends. While the holidays are a time for some festive cheer, long trips to other cities or countries can put our homes at risk of burglary. Homeowners need to take some practical steps to ensure their property and valuables are safe while they are away. In this post, we will discuss some tips for home security while traveling for the holidays.

Alert Neighbors, Friends, or Family Members About Your Vacation Plans

Consider informing a trusted friend or neighbor about your travel plans. Provide them with emergency contact numbers, your itinerary, and your expected return date. Ask them to keep an eye on your property and alert the police if they see anything suspicious. You can also ask them to pick up your mail or packages and place them inside your home to make it appear as if someone is still home.

It is essential to thank the person who has agreed to watch your home while you are away. You can send them a thank-you note, a small gift or treat, or even offer to return the favor when they go on vacation. Expressing your gratitude will not only make them feel appreciated but also encourage them to continue keeping an eye on your property in the future.

Use Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices such as surveillance cameras, door locks, and other sensors can help you monitor your home when you’re away. You can install a front-door camera that allows for two-way communication so that you can see and talk to anyone who comes to your doorstep.

Smart door locks can also be operated remotely, which means that you can give access to your house to certain individuals. With the smart sensors, you can detect motion, temperature, and humidity changes. These smart home devices can be of great assistance regarding your home’s security even when you are away.

You can find smart home security devices at most major home improvement stores. Many electronics retailers also carry a wide selection of these devices. It is essential to do some research and read reviews before purchasing any device to ensure it meets your specific needs and budget. Additionally, you can also reach out to professional security system companies that offer smart home security solutions. They can provide you with a customized system and installation services to ensure your home is secure while you’re away.

Secure Doors and Windows

Before you leave your home, ensure that all doors and windows are locked. You can install a deadbolt on each door and a locking device on sliding doors. Consider also covering windows with curtains or shades to keep prying eyes out and showing that no one is home. Put away any items such as ladders, step stools, or other tools that can be used to gain access inside your house.

Change Social Media Settings

Avoid sharing your vacation plans on social media platforms. Posting photos from the airport or your destination may indicate that your home is vacant, making it an inviting target for burglars. Social media oversharing can lead to potential problems, so be mindful of what you share online.

To disable social media settings, log into your account on each platform and navigate to the privacy or security settings. From here, you can adjust who can see your posts and profile information. You may also have the option to set a “vacation mode” where all of your posts are automatically hidden while you’re away. Additionally, consider removing any location tags from previous posts to avoid giving away your location. By taking these steps, you can protect your privacy and keep your home safe while traveling for the holidays.

Hire a House Sitter or Use Professional Monitoring Services

If you’re planning to be away for an extended period, it may be worth considering hiring a house sitter. They can stay in your home and keep up regular activities like watering plants or taking care of pets. If you don’t have a friend or family member who can house-sit, you can hire a professional monitoring service. They can monitor security cameras and sensors and alert you if anything seems suspicious.

If you decide to hire a house sitter or professional monitoring service, it is essential to leave detailed notes for them. These notes should include emergency contact information, any specific instructions for taking care of your home or pets, and any important security codes or passwords. It’s also helpful to provide them with a list of nearby emergency services such as hospitals, fire stations, and police stations.

Make sure to leave these notes in a secure and discreet location, such as a locked drawer or safe. This will ensure that your sitter or monitoring service has all the necessary information to keep your home safe while you are away.

Holiday travel can be an exciting time, but homeowners need to take steps to protect their properties while they’re away. Whether it’s using smart home devices like surveillance cameras or hiring a house sitter to keep an eye on things, there are plenty of ways to keep your home secure while you’re away. By taking these steps, you’ll enjoy your travels knowing that your home and valuables are secure, giving you the peace of mind to have a relaxing holiday season.

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