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Why Travellers Heading to the UK will Adore the City of London in the Winter Months

Tourists will naturally want to visit the UK in the summer because it coincides with holidays for children or to head to a festival or event. The winter is just as exciting for travellers even with the bad weather, and they should seriously think about visiting at this time of year. The cold and rain may be off-putting for some travellers meaning fewer tourists will be in the country. This reduces prices of accommodation and flight tickets allowing visitors to save some money. If travellers pack well then they can bring their winter woollens and be ready for the colder months. The city is also quite romantic in the winter lead-up to Christmas.

There is no excuse to not visit the excellent green spaces in the city. Travellers will find that places like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park are still very busy during this season. Tourists can warm themselves up with a run or brisk walk in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. Cafes are a lovely place to head to in the winter months in the UK to have a hot chocolate or any warm beverage to keep out the cold. A wonderful way to enjoy being inside is to visit a café or restaurant offering a traditional English afternoon tea with sweet and savoury treats.

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Travellers should stay in the centre of the capital to fully enjoy a trip to London and a great place to look is for Luxury Holiday Apartments London. Travellers will adore staying at the Kingsway Park Hotel, which is near many attractions and sights. The large rooms at this residence have brilliant pieces of art work in the rooms and hallways. Housed in a gorgeous Victorian listed building this residence is perfect for families and groups of friends as it offers triple and quadruple rooms. The living spaces have modern amenities such as plasma televisions and Wi-Fi. Tourists will feel very comfortable staying at this accommodation in central London.

There is also an array of award-winning restaurants in the capital worth taking a trip to for a long lunch or dinner with travelling companions. Just like when it rains at any other time of the year the city’s museums and galleries are a great haven to enter into and enjoy. There are many excellent cultural institutions in the Kensington area including the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, which provide a perfect day out for families. There is also the National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum that are well worth visiting when in London, as well as venues such as the world-famous wax museum Madame Tussauds.

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Heading to an English pub should also be on the list, as travellers visiting the capital city of London can then try some traditional ale and eat tasty local cuisine. Tourists will also adore visiting historic destinations such as St Paul’s Cathedral and head inside the Houses of Parliament for a tour. Travellers will enjoy the city of London in the winter months just as much as summer because its charm never leaves its streets and landmarks. The capital is just a very captivating place to visit at any time of year to enjoy its top attractions.

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