Why Travelling In a Motorhome Is the Best Way to Experience Australia

If you wish to go backpacking around Australia, you may not know where to start. Australia is a big place and travelling from one place to the next can be one of the most difficult parts of backpacking Australia. The best way to experience down under at its finest is to travel in a motorhome or campervan, and here are some reasons why.

Save Money

If you want more cash to spend on your travels rather than your accommodation, hiring a motorhome gives you two in one. A motorhome is both a way to travel and an accommodation, and there is no need to worry about packing and unpacking after each place. Motorhome hire in Australia is fairly priced and there are a range of motorhomes to suit each individual’s needs, whether you are a couple or a family. This also means you can make food in your motorhome, saving money on eating out each day. Motorhomes aren’t just for those wanting a budget holiday. There are many high-tech campervans with TV and Wi-Fi included. Whatever you fancy, use motorhome hire to find the best choice for you.


Australia is full of wonderful places to visit and one of the most unique things about a motorhome is that you have complete freedom of where you chose to go. With a motorhome, you can choose and change your itinerary as you please to suit your needs and cash. This also means you will see parts of Australia you wouldn’t necessarily see if you were traveling with an airline and you may discover some wonderful places and wonderful people. It also gives you freedom over when you take a break from travelling, how long you stop in each place and even being able to use a toilet whenever you want can be a godsend for some when travelling long distances.

Be at One with Nature

Hiring a motorhome gives you the luxury of sleeping wherever you want. This means you will be sleeping under the stars, and you may even want to take sleeping bags to have a night outside as Australia definitely has the weather for it. You can remain safe in your campervan whilst enjoying the beautiful nature than Australia offers, without the risk of any spiders crawling into bed with you. Motorhomes are allowed in most national parks meaning you can make a meal or a BBQ by the side of your campervan with ease, then go inside to bed whenever you feel tired. If you want to experience nature but you aren’t a fan of camping, a motorhome gives you the best of both worlds.

However you travel Australia, ensure you take in all of its natural and man-made wonders, including The Great Barrier Reef and The Sydney Opera House. Travelling in a motorhome can take the stress out of moving from place to place and ensures you can be comfortable whilst doing so. There has never been an easier way to explore Australia.

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