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Treasure Hunting? Check Out These Intriguing Antique Markets from Around the World

Visiting the local antique market is a time-honored tradition that brings back memories of childhood. The treasures we find at these markets remind us of childhood and of times we ourselves are too young to remember—like the roaring 20s or the swinging 50s—but wish we could have experienced.

There are plenty of antique markets around the world and plenty of online dealers like who can give you a great bargain. Check out some of these awesome antique markets that sell novelties all around the world.

1. Brimfield Antique Show

If it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for anyone. The queen of craft has been hitting up this antique show every year for nearly 20 years and it’s no wonder—with over 5,000 antiques, this fair has pretty much everything under the sun. The Martha Stewart show sets up shop in Brimfield, Massachusetts every May, July and September. Vendors are happy to strike a deal with customers and make a game of driving down the price of their wares.

Image by njron via Flickr

Since so many different cultures have made their way through New England, it’s not hard to find something from every era at the Brimfield Antique Show. The odds of finding that rare piece that will get you onto the “Antiques Road Show” are not common, though. Many of these dealers know what they’re doing, and though they’re happy to unload their pieces of lesser value, they have a real eye for treasure.

Image by sushiesque via Flickr

2. Rose Bowl Flea Market

If you’re looking for a little piece of Hollywood history, head to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles. You might find that old Barbie Dream House you’ve been searching for ever since childhood or that Star Wars lunchbox you had when you were seven. You might even find a piece of movie memorabilia since vendors stock plenty of old props from the golden years of TV and movies. Taking place the second Sunday of the month, the market is open from 7 am to 4 pm. With all this shopping, you’re bound to get hungry, so luckily the market has plenty of fried foods to fill your belly.

Image by HappyMac via Flickr

Image by Eli Duke via Flickr

3. San Telmo Antiques Fair

Since Argentina was the birthplace of the tango, it’s no wonder the most popular antique fair in Buenos Aires features duos that break out into this beautiful dance. Taking place every Sunday from 10am to 5pm on Calle Defensa between Avenue Independencia and Avenue San Juan, the San Telmo Antiques fair features plenty of antiques that would make any Carnival dancer proud. Costumes, antiques, movie posters and artwork line the stalls of this San Telmois weekly fair. There are plenty of people flooding the streets to find a great deal every week, as well as, people hoping to discover a treasure that will surly make them rich.

Image by Jack Zalium via Flickr

Image by paula soler-moya via Flickr

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