Trident Hotel – Paradise Created With Human Hands

India has developed into one of the greatest civilizations and today one of the most attractive tourist destination that attracts travelers who want to experience her incredible energy and diversity. Past of India, its impressive architecture, picturesque habits and culture are irreplaceable. In ancient times that was a place which represent center of major trade routes and great kingdoms. Here are developed all three religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, lamaizam, but Islam left the highness trail. If you decide to visit India we recommend a place where you can literally relax.

India is a country that has many mysteries and if you are preparing for the long journey it is really necessary to be well-informed and familiar with the inconvenience that you can experienced there. But, at the Trident Hotel you can avoid any possible discomfort, you are far from the chaos and have the opportunity to enjoy at the created human paradise.

We are talking about Trident Hotel. Located deep in the business district Gurgaon, Trident Hotel is surrounded with beautiful gardens that give a heavenly look. Wonderfully decorated courtyards, fountains and swimming pools are making it a perfect blend of luxury and tradition. When you arrive at this hotel, the stress which might cause by the travelling and working day will simply disappear and evaporated while you are enjoying at extraordinary beauty.

The building has 129 rooms, seven amazing apartments, four restaurants, bars and spa centers. In the midst of the noise and crowds of the region, Trident hotel allows enjoying and relaxing. As regards the food, here you can find sophisticated bars and restaurants and 24-hour room service. You can taste traditional Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine. This 5 star luxury hotel chain in India is interwoven with Indian tradition of modern and luxurious way.

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