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Trinidad And Tobago- Country Of Carnival, Calypso Music And Limbo Dancing

Welcome to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world! While some take advantage of their vacation just to have a good rest on the sun and get tanned, the other give a little better effort and investigate what a destination can provide in order to fully experience the full range. So if you find yourself in Trinidad and Tobago – give that effort!

Trinidad and Tobago are the most southerly islands of the Antilles located between Grenada and Venezuela. East of the country is the Atlantic Ocean, while to the west lies the Caribbean Sea. Trinidad and Tobago has a total area of 5,128 square kilometers and is composed of several islands.

Tobago is known for its luxury resorts and it has a white sand beaches, ideal for water sports. Everywhere is present African tradition, presented through culture and demographics.
Trinidad is a business center, a rapidly growing oil and gas industry. It is characterized by more urban lifestyle.

Because of the southern position of islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the temperature is same throughout the year. The average daily temperature is 27 ° C and the relative humidity is around 75%. There are only two seasons, the rainy season, which lasts from June to November and the dry season, which lasts from December to May. High tourist season is from January to March, with a peak in February when Carnival attracts hordes of visitors.

Trinidad and Tobago is a country of carnival, calypso music and limbo dancing. For tourists it is offering a unique experience like no other place in the world. Rich history, culture, beautiful beaches, warm temperatures and bio – diversity throughout the year offering memorable moments of rest and recreation. Here you will not want to resting, here your holiday will turn into all-day walks, the place is ideal for those who want a slightly different holiday than usual.

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