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Trolltunga – Unusual Rock in Norway That Offers a Spectacular View

Trolltunga is a huge piece of rock that extends to a height of 0.8 kilometers of the ground. To get to it you will need 8 to 10 hours, but the view from there is spectacular. In that amazing environment can be seen some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. “Trolltunga” means “language of the trolls” and got its name after the bizarre and unusual form. It is believed that this rock was formed during the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, when a large part of the mountain was frozen and therefore part of it broke.

Thousands of tourists visit Trolltunga each year during the four summer months. Not a single safety railing has been built on the edge of the rock in a simple reason, not to harm the natural beauty of Trolltunga. So far so long there are no cases reported of someone getting harm.

Looking down from the cliff you can see the valleys of the Hardanger region. The surroundings mountains are as high as 1500 meters. Some of the hilltops have plain areas in which there can be found lakes.

See how amazing this place is through this awesome photos …

Image by Tomek Nikiel via Flickr

Image by Dag Endre Opedal via Flickr

Image by Aram Kudurshian via Flickr

Image by Flavijus via Flickr

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