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Tropical Landscapes, Exotic Plants And Unique Animal Species In Borneo

If you are a thrill seeker or nature lover, the wild destination we present to you, filled with a wide range of adventurous activities is your real challenge. As a mix of different cultures and religions, with a tropical climate, lush vegetation, rain forests and orangutans, the Borneo Island full of different flavors and colors is what you always have dreamed about.

The average temperature varies from 27.7 degrees in May to 26.7 degrees Celsius in December – an ideal place for vacation. There live about 19 million people. If you have long list of places to go, put Borneo at first place. It is an amazing island, worth to be seen. Visit the island of Borneo, in order to feel something new, extraordinary and exciting.

Borneo is the third island in the world, according to the area. The island is located in front of Indonesian archipelago and politically is divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Coast of the island because of the swampy mangrove forests is relatively inaccessible. Long mountain chain is extending from the final northern point of the island, until the northwestern. The highest point on the island is Mount Kinabalu which is 4.101 meters above sea level. Inside Borneo live group of hunters and gatherers who belong to so-called ethnological Proto Malay. In some areas of the coast can be found settlements of people called Orang Laut.

Most of the population is Muslims or practical animists. But, in Borneo there is a Christian minority also. If you decide your next travel destination to be Borneo, there you expect tropical landscapes, exotic plants and unique animal species. It is interesting to mention that the smallest Asian frog with the size of a peanut was discovered in the National Park in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the northern island.

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