Umbria – “Green Heart of Italy”

Spring came and turned grey areas in the breathtaking natural coloured landscapes. Nature wakes up together with the people desire to enjoy in it. The follow destination guarantee happy moments, at the same time showing the power of the spring in the right light. We are talking about Umbria.

Like most European destinations, Umbria is best to visit in the spring or early fall, however, each season offers different colours with scenes, so it is yours to choose.

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Umbria is known as the “Green Heart of Italy”. Due to its landscapes and natural beauty this place deserved that name. Morphological characteristics of Umbrian territory make this region unique. Umbria is bordered by Tuscany to the west, Marche to the east and Lazio to the south. Its regional capital is Perugia. It is nice to get lost in Etruscan and medieval streets of Perugia. Period of “looseness” has a short duration, because you will always end up at the centre of the beautiful square with a fountain Maggiore, a true masterpiece of medieval art. Different historical periods are recognizable by urban structures, palaces, arched doorways and churches. Umbria is a mixture of preserved architecture from the 13th century and a very modern cultural scene, which is credited with numerous student populations.

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The varied landscape interwoven with words vineyards, olive groves, oak forests and beautiful medieval cities, offering many attractions that you can visit throughout the day. In the fertile volcanic soils grow the most appreciated wine. The wines of Umbria always its special glory experienced during the fifteenth century, when Orvieto became one of the most wanted Italian wines. However, later the quality of Umbrian wines starts to decrease with the increase of production. It is because during that period the wine was one of the most important sources of nutritive matters for those who produce it and lately its force gets the phrase “the more the better “. Also we should not forget to mention that its city, Perugia, is homeland of delicious chocolate.

Image by Chris Ford via Flickr

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