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A unique team from India performs Ayurveda treatment in Bansko

Whatever illness you may have, it can be cured at Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko. And not only that. You will be issued a plan at the clinic, a daily model for after the treatment, so that your illnesses do not return and that no others appear.

You will be told how to combine work, rest, food and exercise in order to keep yourself healthy, to be fresh and high-toned and to live a full life.

Don’t take too long though. You have to enroll in time to avail yourself of the abilities of the highly qualified Indian medical team at the Clinic. They specialise in the application of the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, which is more than 5 000 years old.

The specialists from India see patients in Bansko for body detox and treatment from 1st April until 3rd July and from 23rd September until 25th November.

A maximum number of ten people are admitted per treatment course, so that special attention can be paid to each patient and that optimal care can be provided for them. That is why the limited vacancies are filled up quickly.

You can easily trust the team at Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko. Here is where you will find the only team in Bulgaria that is comprised entirely of Ayurveda doctors and therapists from India. As stated, they are highly qualified and their work experience ranges from 12 to 16 years.

The lead physician, Dr Mahesh Garje, is an Ayurveda guru; he was part of the medical teams that consulted the President and Prime Minister of India.

His wife, Dr Mohini Garje, works with him in Bansko. She is second doctor in the team and an expert in intensive and specific Panchakarma procedures. When they are not in Bulgaria, the two of them work at their Ayurveda clinic in the town of Pune in India.

The Ayurveda therapists are also proven specialists. Vilas Mangale is holder of a Master’s Degree in Panchakarma medicine and teaches in one of the most prestigious Ayurveda schools – „Arsha Yoga Vedyappetham Coimbatore”, which he graduated.

Dhanaji Dhokare works in Pune for orthopedic surgeons. Rekha Sutar is also on the team. She is a certified Ayurveda Panchakarma therapist, has 16 years of experience acquired in famous Ayurveda clinics in Mumbai and Pune.

As stated, you will be cured at Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko. The environmentally friendly and natural healing effects of Ayurveda as medicine encompass the illnesses of all the systems in the human body: cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, secretory, digestive, female reproductive, integumentary as well as psychological problems etc.

The treatment at Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko is a combination of full body detox, Ayurveda food, yoga and meditation. The doctor can also include healing gymnastics. The clinic is located in the luxurious hotel Lucky Bansko.

Cleansing the body is necessary, because due to unhealthy lifestyle, waste materials are accumulated, such as heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides and different toxins. They destroy the natural balance of bodily activities and create conditions for the onset and development of illnesses.

The detox is performed in accordance with the two methods Purvakarama for external cleansing and Panchakarma for internal cleansing. The first method uses healing creams and herbs which are poured, rubbed in, massaged and used in saunas with the patients. This is how the body is prepared for Panchakarma, while the parallel effects are rejuvenation and beautification. The internal cleansing is performed by means of a complex of laxative and purgative therapies.

The whole healing process is prescribed by the Ayurveda doctor on a strictly individual basis to each patient after diagnostics and in accordance with their individual body characteristics, general health condition, type and stage of ailment.

You will also be given advice on how long your treatment course should be – 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. With advanced illnesses, a second course may be necessary.

And so, just contact Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko – there everything will be explained to you and you will be healed.

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