The Untouched Nature of Tara – “The Tear of Europe”

Tara River, because its cleanness is called “The tear of Europe”. Without any worries you can drink from the crystal clear and frosty water wherever you are, on any part of its stream. Tara is favourite attraction among the lovers of the extreme sports. but anyone can enjoy in it because of the unique and untouched nature.

Tara emerges with confluence of Opasnica and Verusha Rivers in between the Komovi Mountains. Its length is 144 km, from which 104 are inside the Montenegro and 40 km in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You have surely heard that the Tara River, because of its clean water is called “The tear of Europe”. Another thing that is unique to Tara is that the canyon on this river is with depth of 1300 meters, which makes it the deepest canyon in Europe and second in the world. From 1977 the Tara Canyon is under protection of UNESCO, and it is also a part of the list of 25 world’s most valuable heritage sights.

On the very entrance of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tara is confluencing with Piva River and together they emerges into unusual green river – Drina. On just a few kilometers after the emergence of Drina, there is a DMD camp, which is a real adventure for the river rafting and nature lovers. It is located in the colorful nature filled with energy.

The flora and the fauna of this part of the Balkans is not only rare, but also wild, untouched and rich, and it is yet another part of the most valuable attributes of the beautiful canyons of Tara and the fast streams of Drina. The flora of the Tara river is consisted of many different types of herbs and there can be found some unique types of flora from the tertiary period from the ice age. Huge part of the Tara canyon is covered with pinophyta and big part of them is black spruce, which on some locations has heights of 50 meters and it is 400 years old.

Tara is also a home to the wild goats as well as the roe deers and wild boars. Tara is extremely rich with fish.

The unbelievable flora and fauna of Tara is also recognized by the numbers: in the National Park of Tara there are 53 types of mammals and more than 1000 types herbs.

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