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Uruguay – Land Of Many Opportunities

Uruguay, located between Argentina and Brazil is one of the most attractive countries in South America. With a population of only 3.4 million people, many of whom are European immigrants, Uruguay offers a unique mix of unspoilt natural beauty and ultra luxurious lifestyle, European flavors and hot Latin spirit.

In Uruguay you can find many aspects of South American lifestyle, including Gaucho culture and neoclassical architecture. Along the Atlantic coast, you will find amazing beaches. During the year, without doubt you will be satisfied by the numerous cultural festivals as “Fiesta De La Patria Gaucha”.

The capital Montevideo is clean, safe and nice with impressive architecture, museums, excellent restaurants and bars which know how to bring entertainment for tourists. The coastal town of Punta del Este is one of the most demanded areas to buy property in the country, equivalent to Saint Tropez of South America. During high season, from December to January, it turns into a glamorous arena. Also, on the shores of Rio de la Plata, which separates Uruguay from Argentina is situated extremely attractive colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento, founded by the Portuguese in 1680. In the historic district, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, time seems to have stopped. There you will find an old lighthouse, old-fashioned drawbridge, a maze of paved streets and old fashioned squares.

Uruguay offers an extremely large selection of outdoor activities. Thanks to the deep crashing cowboy culture in the country, here is riding high, was riding across the plains Tacuarembó with local gauchos, or play polo at the beautiful fields. Hunting, fishing, golf and surfing with a parachute are also popular entertainment for both locals and visitors.
Uruguay is country which has so many things to offer, just pack your bags and take the adventure. Certainly it is worth to visit.

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