The USA’s Most Striking Hiking Trails

There are plenty of great hiking spots and trails across the United States. National parks, lakes and mountains are filled with hiking trails to explore, complete with breathtaking sceneries and a wide range of challenges to tackle. You can always find a suitable hiking trail to explore according to the type of trip you want to do, but in this article we’re going to focus on three of the best, most striking hiking trails to explore. Be sure to pack your GPS Watch and hiking shoes, available on MyWildEarth, before heading off on your next adventure.

The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks is a hiking and outdoor vacation spot situated just 250 miles from New York. It is the perfect hiking spot to explore if you’re planning a quick getaway outside the city. It is also very close to Boston and Montreal, which means the place is easily accessible from everywhere.

Hiking in the Adirondacks will provide you with beautiful sceneries and a lot of history. The region has multiple hiking trails to explore, each with its own level of difficulty and a combination of terrains. It is also a place where you can enjoy some winter activities, thanks to the world renowned Lake Placid. The enormous lake is also home to the Olympic Museum.

Prepare ahead and bring your own gear when visiting the Adirondacks. You can also purchase an Olympic Sites Pass before the trip – or on the spot – if you want to explore the museums and other Olympic sites in the area as well.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park offers a truly diverse hiking and outdoor experience. It is also a rather unique hiking spot, where every hike starts with a descent down the canyon. It stretches across a whopping 277 miles, with mountains, rivers and various other challenges and sceneries to enjoy. A lot of hikers complete their first hike in the Grand Canyon and fall in love with it right away.

One thing to keep in mind when planning a trip to Grand Canyon National Park is the fact that you will have to do a round trip. Choose a hiking trail that suits your ability perfectly; you will have to climb back up at the end of the hike so save some energy along the way. Keep in mind that you need to have the right type of hiking boots for this trail that can also help you climb the at the end and maximize the survival of this adventure. There is also a beginner-friendly Rim Trail in the area for those who want to enjoy a more relaxing hike.

Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park in Montana is third on our list. The area has over 500 miles of hiking trails for every type of hiker. There are also a lot of challenging trails for those of you who want to take your hiking trip to the next level.

This is an area where you can see a lot of animals in their natural habitat too. Be prepared for some encounters with grizzly bears and mountain goats as you explore the vast national park and enjoy every part of its beauty.

All you have to do now is grab a pair of your favorite men’s walking boots and plan your next hiking trip to these locations. You’ll have an incredible experience and a lot of stories to tell afterwards.

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