Use The Last Summer Days To Visit Sarti

Summer is the season which is associated with youth, carelessness, beauty and free life. So, when you start counting its last days, you may feel a little depressing especially when you remember that comes long and cold winter. Because of that use these last sunny days and visit the Sarti in Greece.

Located on the eastern coast of Sithonia peninsula, the scenic city Sarti is becoming a favorite summer residence of tourists. With a small area surrounded by pine trees, offers a vivid view of the wide sandy beaches leading to turquoise and crystal clear sea. At the beach there are cafes with umbrellas, sunbeds, taverns, restaurants, places for volleyball and various souvenir shops.

Sarti is a favorite destination for families with small children because of the clear sea and sandy beach which is about 3 km long, wide and nicely arranged. In the surrounding area there are playgrounds and amusement parks for entertainment and animation for the youngest visitors. In some parts of the Sarti, the sea is quite shallow when you entry the water, while in some parts depth sharply increases, so it remains to you to choose what suits you more. The place Sarti is relatively small, so that, wherever you are located, it will need just 5 minutes to get to the beach.

Entire east coast is covered with dense pine forest and the sea is exceptionally clean. The climate in Sarti is warm and not too hot because you can feel the wind which sometimes can do waves. If you do not like waves, at ten minutes by car from Sarti will find bays with calm water and beautiful beaches that are among the most beautiful of Halkidiki.

In the whole place you can feel cozy traditional atmosphere that attracts tourists again and again to return to this destination. So, use the last days of summer and visit Sarti, a place that will captivated you at a glance.

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