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Utah MTB Holidays: Best Moab Biking Trails

“No one died!” That is the luckiest comment one could make if you were daring enough to try out the Moab biking trails in a group! One could closely relate the terrain there to skydiving without a parachute! The grounds where a man becomes a MAN! If you are serious about biking, Moab desert is the place for you to test and sharpen your skills as you meet like-minded people.

The Tough Requirements for Moab Mountain Biking

The trails over at Moab have hosted different people, from the very experienced riders to learners and even the once who puff themselves up in skills they do not have. As such, three essential rules apply that will see you have a lovely time in Moab Utah terrains:

When you’ve fully embraced these three principles of the Moab desert mountain biking, then the rest becomes easy to grasp along the way.

Climate data shows that the average annual temperatures range at about 56.85°F, with an average yearly high temperature of 71.7°F and a low of 42°F. Being a desert, it takes minutes for the soil to dry whenever it rains, making the grounds at Moab completely ideal for bikers.

Moab also hosts the physically challenged and has some classy trails which would be most applicable to them. Practical advice, nonetheless, to anyone with cardiac issues or the likes would be to consult your doctor before trying out one of these trails.

Choosing the Best Moab Biking Trail

Moab desert has more than a dozen trails that would be applicable, ranging from your skillset. Since it would be almost impossible to list them all down here, we will note down the best according to different preferences.

It is essential to first note down your reasons before choosing any biking track. The reasons could vary from: family tour or couple’s time-out, developing an interest in the skill to sharpening your expert-level skill, or it could also merely be spending some quality time out doing some exercises or merely an alternative to lazing around.

Once you’ve established the reasons behind your biking experience, then it becomes easy to identify the best Moab trail to take to suit your needs.

A Guide through Moab Utah Mountain Biking Trails

Porcupine Rim

Ever heard of anyone having porcupines for pets? Well, it’s the same ordeal here. It is rated at a difficulty level of 4 on a scale of 1-4. The trail is 14.4 miles from the trailhead to Highway 128 or about 20.4 miles to Moab. Should you choose to ride as a loop, you will cover a total distance of 30.8 miles with an elevation gain of 3000 feet. If you are into casino games and have encountered the Book of ra, then you are sure to enjoy the Egypt-like landscapes on this side of the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Magnificent 7

A spectacular traverse made of 7 trails: Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Gold Bar Rim, Getaway, Poison Spider, Little Canyon, and Portal. It links the lower and upper ends of the Gemini Bridges Road with a total distance of 34 kilometers from point to point. It can be rated as an advanced difficulty level, and you are advised to use this route if you are extra confident of your superb biking skills! This Moab trail ascends at an elevation of 394m with a descent of -1015m and an average grade of 4%.

Wild Cat

Do not be taken aback by the name! Wild Cats Trail falls in the intermediate level of difficulty and is primarily a suitable terrain for those who want to challenge themselves while ascending physically. It is a slightly technical 0.8-mile connector to a 7-up single-track. It has an elevation difference of 90ft with an average grade of 6%. Be prepared to encounter pinyon and juniper, bare ancient rocks, and dirt along with ramps to climb ledges. A recommendable part of the Horsethief area.

Baby Steps Loop

You might be tempted to bring your 12-yr old kid on this side of the Klondike Bluff region of Moab Utah, but it would not be advisable unless he or she is a bike gold medalist. With an intermediate level of difficulty, the length out and back is around 20.7 miles from the Highway 191 trailhead; and a distance of 14.9 miles out and back from the Klondike trailhead. This part of Moab has all sorts of terrain with an elevation of up to 1700 ft. For the most part, the trail is a single track with a fun ride downhill. Riders are, however, reminded to remain on the trail while following the trail markings to minimize danger.


Just as the name suggests, the trail has a relatively easy mode that is likely to keep you in a complacent mode. Nevertheless, like all the other trails, you are likely to enjoy the lovely Moab terrain as the loop becomes faster downhill, and also encounter a few surprises – let’s not spoil all the fun.

It covers a distance of 1.5 miles with a slope of 200 feet and a grade averaging 3%. You will find the entrance to the Lazy-EZ loop in the Moab Brands Focus Area, just a short distance from the BLM parking lot.

On Your Marks, Get Ready, Go!

The list of the trails you could opt for in the Moab desert is endless, and each comes with a unique set of terrain and its own glossy vibe. You will be an expert to decide which one suits your needs best.

That said, it would be essential to remember a few things before setting out on your sporting activity in Moab:


In spite and despite all these challenges, should you survive your ride, you sure will have a tale to tell. After all, aren’t you going to the grand Moab desert to make memories? When are you planning on hitting the trails?

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