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Val Gardena – Best Ski Resort In North-Western Italy

The first associations of winter are the most perfect track for ski sports on the slopes of the Dolomites. If you still not have decided where to go on a winter vocation let your decision to be the destination Val Gardena. It is the best ski resort.

If you are a true fan of skiing this winter destination is inevitable, because the ski slopes are well connected and among them is Alta Badia so that the entire length of the tracks exceeds 500 kilometers. The center has a dozen tracks fор beginners, trails for experienced skiers to tracks for professionals. Otherwise, precisely in Val Gardena in 1970 was held the World Cup in alpine skiing. Today in this fantastic ski resort skiers have the opportunity to ski on trails which were used from the world champions.

That makes this destination even more attractive. All trails are very well decorated. Most of them are covered by a system of artificial snow, so they are always ready for skiers. Also, the snowboarders over the city Selva can find snow park with various attractions. Of their maintenance work many people who prepare every morning to welcome numerous tourists.

Prices for accommodation during the World Cup are high, but a seven-day stay can be found at a price of 250 Euros. Ski card is very expensive and depending on the term can cost from 150 to 250 Euros.
In Val Gardena there are numerous restaurants with specialties of Italian cuisine and other food prepared by European flavor.

Val Gardena is certainly one of the most popular ski destinations in the north-western Italy. Its ski area covers 175 km of ski slopes, 83 modern ski lifts and 98 km cross-country ski slopes, making it the ideal complex for true fans of ski sports. The mountainous landscape around Val Gardena and the Dolomites are also really beautiful. So, if you have chance to go there, do not miss them.

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