Vernazza – Great Summer Destination

Vernazza is one of the cities that are part of Chingo Terre. In it there are about 1,200 residents and is known as one of the most reliable fishing villages on the Italian Riviera. It also offers a “murderous” good scenery. Vernazza is a town and commune located in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northwestern Italy. It is one of the most beautiful small town in Italy. There you can enjoy in the amazing nature, astonishing landscapes, clear water, fairy tale beaches…

Now we are at the middle of the summer. If you still don’t know where you want to spend your summer vacation, we suggest to you to go in Vernazza. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Italy. Life there is very peaceful so this place would be great destination for a family with little children’s.

Tourist there can see amazing old buildings, beautiful architecture, great restaurants, awesome nature… Also tourist there can enjoy in the delicious traditional food. Below you can see awesome photos from Vernazza that will gonna make you to wish to spend your summer vacation there and enjoy in the beauty of Vernazza.

Image by Karthick Ramachandran via Flickr

Image by W. Tipton via Flickr

Image by Andrea Zanivan via Flickr

Image by Jason OX4 via Flickr

Image by Chris Ford via Flickr

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