Vis – Island That Brings Deep Happiness And Peace

While most of the Mediterranean is turning into big “fun foam” under the sun, the distant island Vis lies quietly, out of the crowds, offering beautiful vineyards, delicious seafood and crystal clear bays, only for his visitors. Island of Vis in Croatia covers an area of about 90 km and although is located two and a half hours from the nearest land, Vis has permanent residents, primary school and administrative buildings. People who live there are friendly and survive mainly from fishing. They also respect and preserve the beautiful wildlife that surrounds them.

The island Vis has not a single new construction and as accommodation are used old houses inhabited throughout all year. Well, who needs luxury inside, when outside you enjoy such beauty? View over the cobblestones is breathtaking. Red roofs and above them the reflection of the blue sea and sunlight that is reflected are a stunning landscape. The island is famous for producing white wine which is made from grapes grown on the island. Locals enjoy the figs that grow everywhere around the island and all have their own vegetable garden in backyards. Nothing is sprayed with chemicals and everything is natural. Vis was able to maintain its character to this day. According to residents who live there, young people are leaving to America and Italy and those who remain are elderly. But despite this, in return receive a lot of natural beauty, peace, quiet and untouched magic that keeps the island alive.

If you walk around the island Vis you notice empty vineyards, gardens with almond and olive trees. Everywhere around is spreading the scent of lavender, sage and rosemary. That is the beauty of Vis, unexplainable peace that brings deep happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

However, if you want fully enjoy the peace of island of Vis, it is best to visit in September when the number of tourists is minimal.

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