Visit Belize – the Unforgettable Place for Diving

Why choosing holiday destinations must revolve around the same places that we have visited so many times? We continue to visit these locations because we represent security, but what about the excitements and adventures that come with the exploration of new areas and the creation of new memories? One advice for those people who want to meet new people and want to feed the soul with unusual scenes – visit Belize.

Visit Belize and you will not regret. Whatever you do in this fancy place you will never felt bored.

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The Sun God Temple Mayan ruins

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Belize is stretching at about 23,000 square kilometers and has about 266,000 inhabitants, which makes this country one of the most sparsely populated in Central America. It is located on the Yucatan peninsula in the Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala, in the heart of the former Mayan homeland. Passionate world travellers describe Belize as a country which is “good for the blood pressure.” Position of Belize determined its rich history. It was discovered by Columbus. The battles for supremacy between Britons and the Spaniards last 150 years. The British were finally declared it to their colony in 1840 and named it British Honduras. The country became independent in 1981. Belize is a destination for people who know what they want. It is known as one of the happiest places in the world, although people of Belize are generally poor. Across the country is vibrating multicultural energy.

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The capital of Belize – Belmopan is situated on the river Belize, inside the country. It represents mainly governing, cultural and tourist center of the country. Belize became known place because of the possibility of diving and for the ruins of the Mayan settlements. This country also has beautiful scenery and enormous forest wildlife. For those who visit, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes for long walks. Tropical paradise contained in crystal clear water and beaches filled with white sand immediately will force to pack your bags for this unusual and exciting place. This is a destination where you must taste fish specialties that are outstanding.

Image by Dave Wilson via Flickr

Image by CameliaTWU via Flickr

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