Visit Chile, Country Where The Average Life Is Over 75 Years

If you are looking for a great place to visit, go in the state of Chile. The country, which is located in South America, has a natural protection – the Pacific Ocean to the west and the high Andes to the east. This position determines Chile to have stable borders and to remain in its natural whole. It is bordered by Peru to the north, with Bolivia at northeast, with Argentina at east, while to the west the state is surrounded with the waters of the Pacific Ocean at length of 6435 km.

Interesting fact about Chile is that the average life there is over 75 years, which loudly speaks of life in the country. When it comes to relief, it is necessary to mention the Andes mountain range. Andes are most striking relief appearance in the territory of Chile. Portillo is the famous ski resort, located in the Andes. It offers high quality snow, because it is surrounded by mountains. Winter season there lasts longer. Portillo is located 160 km northeast of the capital Santiago, near the city of Los Andes.

In Chile also is situated “Natural laboratory” or namely the famous Lake Kopaue. It changes the chemical composition, depending on the time of year. Hot underground water of volcanic origin changes the chemical composition in winter and summer.

At the same time we have to mention that the island of Robinson Crusoe exists. It is part of the Juan Fernandez archipelago which belongs to Chile. In fact the novel by Daniel Defoe is based on the history of the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk, who lived alone on the island for 4 years and 4 months.

Chile has a large variety of landscapes, from the deserted beaches of the ocean, ski resorts in the Andes, vast forests, rivers and lakes. Also, there are several national parks and islands which are very crowded. Chile annually receives around 2 million tourists.

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