Best time to Visit Rishikesh in India for Adventures Trip

Rishikesh is one town that appeals to the youth as well as elderly, even if for different reasons. While the youth focus n adventure site seeing, elders mostly wish to visit the temple and the holy river Ganga and see the ‘Yoga Capital Of The World.’ It is one city that everyone loves, hands down and wishes to spend a few days in. being just 25 km from Haridwar, Rishikesh is often visited en-route also. Rishikesh is a town easily accessible by rail and road. Adventure buffs can add cherry to the cake by hiring a bike from Rishikesh and riding down to adventures sites.

Talking about youth and adventure sports, Rishikesh is one of the famous places known for white water rafting. Though the city has a pleasant temperature all year round, the best time to visit Rishikesh is from august to the first week of November and then from mid February to the first week of may. During this time the weather is mildly cold which only adds to the sense of adventure and since the blazing sun isn’t sucking your energy away, you can go for adventure spots for a much longer time without getting tired or sweaty. Winters in Rishikesh are bitter and the presence of the river only adds to the mist making it an unsuitable time to go for adventure sports as it becomes risky.

Other adventure sports like hiking, bunjee jumping, kayaking etc. have also been started in Rishikesh and anyone who loves adventure sports is in for a treat.

If you’re planning to visit adventures places in Rishikesh for mountain biking, getting a bike on rent would be best suited to your needs. Wheelstreet provides bikes on rent in Rishikesh for the same purpose.

Those of you who aren’t scared of heights can also go for zip-lining and rappelling on the mountains of Rishikesh. The city is a fast developing tourist destination for Indians as well as foreigners. Bike hiring has also boosted tourism by making commuting more convenient and affordable in this beautiful town. The months of August to first week of November are the few months these activities can be enjoyed to the fullest. After that you can always plan another trip between February and May.

Many of you who wish to go to Ladakh can book a package with the bike hiring portal Wheelstreet and ride your way to the land of snow from Rishikesh on the bike of your choice.

Since the ‘savan’ or monsoon season is celebrated in Rishikesh in June, the roads are blocked and the factors of peace and quiet, the USP of Rishikesh go for a toss. It is not advisable to visit the town in July for as the monsoons are at their peak and all adventure sports are packed up until the rains subside, mostly until August.

Those of you planning to go to the yoga capital must make sure to select the proper time to visit the city for the best and most fulfilling experience.

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