Visit the Catalan Oasis Lloret de Mar

Spain annually attracts about 50 million visitors and has the third largest budget in the world for the promotion of tourism. Brand destination is very distinctive, special and unique. Spain represents the master of ocean infinity and there you will find temperamental, but polite people, as well as many cultural sights and attractions. This country is always the most attractive destination for tourists from all over the world, especially when it comes to the unique and beautiful Lloret de Mar.

Good mood and smiles of people there never stops. If you have not been in Lloret de Mar, it’s time to put on the list of places to visit.

Small Catalan oasis Lloret de Mar is one of the most visited and most tempting resorts already years ago. The city belongs to the Spanish province Giro and is away from Barcelona only 70 km. Because of the overwhelming beauty and because of what it truly enables, Lloret de Mar is a chosen place. Everyone who will visit, first of all will learn about the culture, history and architecture of Lloret de Mar. It covers an area of 48 square kilometers. With a history dating back to the third century BC Lloret de Mar is true for real cosmopolitan city that has managed to maintain its traditional identity.

Lloret de Mar is a small place with a lot of soul and movement, with an incredibly large sandy beach and positive and active nightlife that you can only wish. It has only one beach in the city center. Covered with white sand it is incredibly endowed. Although this place has other excellent beaches, this is the most visited. But, if you want intimacy, isolation or perhaps searching for nudist beach … Lloret de Mar will allow it. Also Lloret de Mar is a destination that never sleeps. Cafes, clubs and restaurants are always full and wherever you turn will see positive person.

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