Visit the national Park Erawan during the Songkran Festival

It is true that almost is impossible to go the place which is fully intact by tourism. At locations that were once considered too far or extremely inaccessible, today can be easily reached by airplanes or other means of transport. You have a lifetime to visit the most famous cities of the world. Why you do not go to places where you can be completely independent tourist? We recommended you to visit National Park Erawan.

Waterfalls are the most frequent during the annual Songkran Festival from 13 to 15 April, when around them are gathering a lot of people.

In the soul of Thailand, nature designated place which is perfect and precise, but simple. It is a combination crucial for those who “seeking rescue” from everyday life and those who are sceptical of frequent and familiar destinations. Erawan is one of the most famous national parks in Thailand and its main attraction is the eponymous series of seven waterfalls that flow through limestone terraces. Imagine, you have a choice of seven waterfalls which with its diversity make it unique creation of nature that will leave you speechless. National park Erawan is named after the three heads white elephant of Hindu mythology on which supposedly waterfalls look like.

After entry in a natural flow, you will be already in the natural pool, fascinated by the different types of fish that swim around you. You will have a unique experience and perfect peace. But, in the labyrinths of bamboos, lilies and trees you will be observe by monkeys. Be careful, because they often come close to waterfalls and stealing things while people swimming. In Erawan, besides waterfalls can be seen spectacular caves, as well as various animals like tigers, elephants, deer, flying squirrels and the King Cobra. You also will be rewarded with irresistible view at the rest of the National park Erawan.

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