Visit The National Park Mavrovo And Get In Touch With The Nature

Mavrovo National Park is certainly the most perfect destination for lovers of winter sports and it is particularly attractive during the winter months. It offering outstanding ski center as well known as Mavrovo located at the mountain Bistra. There an average falls of 70 centimeters of snow.

Mavrovo National Park stretches over 72 204 hectares around the eponymous lake in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia. The lowest point of the park is situated 600 meters above sea level, while the highest peak Korab rises to 2764 meters.

In the park Mavrovo you can ski at an altitude of 1255 to 1860 meters above sea level. There are available ski lifts with a total length of 5700 meters with the possibility of transporting 11 000 people per hour. Some slopes are lighted and it is enabled night skiing until midnight hours.

Mavrovo National Park is one of the richest parks regarding the biodiversity in Macedonia. It is home to 50 species of mammals, 129 species of birds, 11 species of amphibians, 24 species of reptiles and 924 species of invertebrates’ animals. From all of them, 11 species of mammals, 45 bird species, 2 amphibians and 13 species of reptiles which are found in the national park Mavrovo are as strictly protected animals. That indicates the importance of the area for protection of biological diversity.

Animal lovers can walk towards Bunec, the famous safari park, which extends to 430 hectares and is considered to be European reproductive center of the deer. It offers you to enjoy the view to these beautiful animals in their natural environment.

If you prefer to climb, go to Deshat Mountain because of the altitude of 1568 meters awaits you the beautiful glacial lake Lukov. Certainly take a journey around the artificial Mavrovo Lake which offers opportunities for fishing, camping, cycling and walks in unforgettable atmosphere.

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