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Visit The Royal City of Madrid

Europe is full of romance, adventure, mystery and excitement. There are numerous places that are worth to visit, to explore and enjoy their beauty. For travel enthusiasts, every journey is a new challenge and a desire to discover the joys of attractive Spain. There, you can feel the rhythm of the ages and has many natural features. The main pillars in the development of Spain are tourism, automotive, shipbuilding, electrical, chemical, textile industry and of course sports and agriculture. This attractive tourist country, annually is visited by about 60 million travelers.

In the modern Madrid you will find pleasant and hospitable people, which of course is primarily in love with football. Although Madrid owns modern infrastructure, however, retained the look and feel of its historic buildings, neighborhoods and streets with traditional Spanish life.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. In it, only in the central area live more than three million, while with urban and their suburbs has more than 6 million. It is therefore considered that Madrid is the third most populous municipality in the European Union after Paris and London and the third largest city after London and Berlin. Madrid is rich, sophisticated city that exudes style. At the entrance of the city you will be welcomed by large traditional residential buildings that are hiding behind avenues of trees. In the heart of town is the square Plaza Mayor, a place formerly were held bullfights.

The largest building is the Royal Palace, the residence of the King of Spain with more than a hundred rooms that you can visit. The palace itself looks spectacular from outside and inside and if you pay for sightseeing tour to enter inside, you will find the magnificence of the images that decorate its walls. Also, you should not miss visiting the famous museum “Prado”. These homes are real art treasures, masterpieces of European art.

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