Be Privileged and Visit Shanghai – City of Millionaires

Is there anything more fabulous than a memorable adventure in country that has survived all natural disasters and ascents, walked by civilizations from ancient history, a country with invaluable treasures? The huge natural diversity including deserts, steppes, tropical forest, mountains, numerous rivers and valleys, beaches, rich and long history, peaceful and hospitable people, and the progressive idea which connects the country with almost every field, make China one of the most interesting and richest countries in the world. This is a challenge to go and see why China is a magnet for millions of tourists from all over the world and to visit Shanghai.

Shanghai is one of the four “city-states” in China and the largest independent city in the world. The city is located in Yangtze River Delta in East China. Its population has 13,271,000 inhabitants, and together with the environment has 17,420,000 million inhabitants. The name “Shanghai” literally means “sea”.

Today in Shanghai live 23 million people and every 65th resident is dollar millionaire. Richest people in this city are businessmen, investors in real estate and professional investors, according the report made for millionaires of Shanghai.

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In the beginning Shanghai was silent fishing town, but today it is a popular tourist destination with historical landmarks such as The Bund, City God Temple, Yu Garden, Lujiazui skyline, Shanghai Museum and the China Art Museum. But while monuments of Shanghai definitely fixed on the future, you will still find the glamour of the past in the Art Deco Bund and French colonial boulevards. Green heart of Shanghai is a popular square, where the Shanghai Museum with form of cave shows exceptional Chinese bronzes, ceramics and silk as well as numerous photos. Shopping in Shanghai would not be the same without neon bright Nanjing Lu which is three kilometres long strip with street entertainers, beautiful malls and traditional shops. Also, in “French Concession” the streets are filled with luxury boutiques, antique and coffee shops. One of our short and kinky advices is to mix with stylishly dressed locals and to enjoy Chinese Opera near Kun Opera building.

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Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Image by Jose Maria Cuellar via Flickr

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