Visit The Stunning Greek Island Ios

Do you believe that there is a Greek place which hides a magical beauty and remained unknown to the eyes of tourists? Ios Island is just such a place. Greece is actually filled with beautiful and magical islands and Ios is one of the most beautiful.

Island is combination of relaxation and fun. There days and night are endless. So, visit the island Ios and unleash your energy.

Ios is the most popular and most southern island of the Cyclades group. It is surrounded with the islands of Naxos, Paros, Anafi and Santorini and is located on an area of approximately 108 km2. Ios is best known for popularization of the mastic hardened sap derived from evergreen shrub that grows in the fertile region of Mastichochoria. That product which is also called Arab resin is used as color, for medicinal purposes and food. On Ios you can buy jam by mastic, sweet and liqueurs, as well as ouzo. Famous Greek product gives pleasure, smelling wonderful, facilitates pain and heals various diseases. Ios Island has a Mediterranean climate. The warmest days of the year are in July and August with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The center of all developments is the capital named Hora. This island captivates with its beauty and history, combined with crazy parties. That is fully justifies the name “Greek Ibiza”.

If you should describe this place with three irresistible words they would be: beach, party and outgoing. The island has plenty of beaches. One of the oldest and most popular beaches is Mylopotas, which is among the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea. They are covered with powdery white sand that melts into the crystal blue sea. The beaches are also well preserved secret from the crowds and the sand and the cleanliness of the water does not compare with any other place. The largest village on the island is Pyrgi, which is still in development. Here the buildings are plain, white houses of 2 to 3 floors, while the facades are covered with thousands of geometric shapes.

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