Visit The Victoria And Albert Museum For Free

In London, the entrance to most great museums is free. At the entrance to each is request that if you are able, you can insert a couple of quid, but it is not obligatory. So, we recommended visiting one of the most amazing places in the world, the famous Victoria and Albert Museum.

Known also as “V & A”, the museum is located in Brompton, London is the largest museum in the world of decorative arts and design, with a permanent collection of 4.5 million items. Original name of the museum in 1852 was the Museum of Manufactures. But, Queen Victoria in 1899 renamed the museum in honor of Prince Albert in the Victoria and Albert Museum. From then until today are formed 145 galleries as part of the museum. The collections include art from the past five millennia, from ancient times to the present. In Victoria and Albert Museum you can found the cultures of Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa.

There are exposed objects from ceramics, glass, textiles, silver, various costumes, jewelry, furniture, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and literally everything you could not see anyone else. In Victoria and Albert Museum you can see, among others, shoes and dresses from the beginning of the century and a beautiful courtyard garden. To ensure that the collections are kept in optimum conditions, 800 small radio transmitters are positioned around the museum for measuring temperature and relative humidity every three minutes.

The museum actually includes the National Library of Art, the Museum of Childhood and the theater collection – national collection associated with the British theater scene. Also, Victoria and Albert is the first museum in the world that used gas lamps lighting the galleries evening openings. The Museum Victoria and Albert has a longstanding collaboration with the Royal College of Art, which provide post graduate studies for history of design.

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