Visiting the Italian mountains

Italy’s famous boot has holidays to suit all tastes. When many people think of holidays in Italy, they think of the country’s wonderful cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice. Other people think of Italy’s extensive coastline with its marvelous beaches. Finally, there are the mountains.
The Italian Alps in the North include the famous Dolomites while the Appennino or Apennine mountains cover almost two thirds of the country. They are an intriguing mix of old and new as families who have lived and worked on the land for centuries, share it (usually happily) with businesses set up to accommodate the modern world of tourism. The stunningly beautiful architecture of mountain villages and towns, is the product of ages long past, but visitors can keep their connections to the outside world (if they wish), through the wonders of modern communications.
The Italian mountains are an excellent holiday location for families because there is always plenty for both adults and children to do both summer and winter. The energetic can try walking, cycling, or horse-riding in summer as well as hiking and sledging in winter. Climbing is obviously a popular activity although for safety reasons, the more challenging climbs are best left to those with previous experience.

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Those who prefer less energetic pursuits are also well catered for. The Italian mountains offer plenty of opportunities for budding photographers and artists as well as providing inspiration for writers. It’s also perfect for those who simply want to relax in breath-taking scenery or to enjoy the incredible variety of wildlife.
It’s little wonder that the beauty of the Italian mountains has long been recognized by film makers and film buffs will find plenty of locations to visit. The Italian countryside was, of course, the location of the famous Spaghetti Westerns, such as the Sergio Leone classics. The Alps provided the location for The Italian Job. Visitor’s to Ceresole Reale can see the location where the final scene was filmed and try to work out Charlie Croker’s “great idea”. James Bond fans may also see some familiar sights as the Italian mountains have featured in the adventures of the world’s suavest spy, in particular “For Your Eyes Only”.
All visitors to the Italian mountains, can rest assured of being well fed. The Italian mountains are part of Italy after all. Whether it’s a regional breakfast at a cafe, a picnic lunch of fresh-made bread, mountain honey and a selection of local cheeses or dinner at a local trattoria or more formal restaurant, nobody will go hungry. Italy is also known for its excellent wines and each region has its own specialities. Naturally visitors to any part of Italy will have the opportunity to enjoy the country’s excellent range of coffees.
There is so much to see and do in the Italian mountains that visitors can and do come back literally year after year to see more. Hotel Touring is an attractive option for those who want to see as much as possible during their stay. In spite of the area’s popularity with visitors (as well as the Italians themselves), hotels in the Italian mountains are genuinely welcoming and also surprisingly affordable.

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