Waimea Canyon – Beautiful Landscape Of Untouched Nature

If you have flexible working hours or just have time for a walk in November, you can enjoy in places where the weather is pleasant. November also is a fantastic primarily because people wait until December to open Christmas markets and then to travel. This month remains ideal for leisurely walking without crowds. I advise you to visit the breath-taking wonder of Nature located on the island of Kauai.

Waimea is located on the south western side of the island and the area was a village of ancient Hawaiians. Waimea is the place where Captain Cook, on January 19, 1778, landed in Hawaii. The most important tourist event in late February when a festival dedicated to Captain Cook, with carnival games, music, traditional food, sweets and beer. Waimea Canyon has been known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, although it is smaller and 200 million years younger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Waimea Canyon is deep 835.5 meters and carved by the river Waimea which is the longest in Kauai with 32 km length.

Length of the canyon is 16 kilometers and the depth is 900 meters. The lush valleys, gorges surface and colorful layers of rocks are evidence not only for the incredible natural beauty, but also the age of the canyon and its geological history. Kauai is the oldest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is believed that the volcano which created Kauai first erupted before 10 million years ago. This beautiful landscape of untouched nature attract tourists. A large number of hiking trails will allow you to explore the area of the Waimea Canyon. One of the attractions of this place is the Alakai swamp, preserve that offering bird-watching and hiking trails with scenic waterfall views. Waimea Canyon also has a large nature park, which is a protected area and one of the most visited parks in the Hawaiian Islands.

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