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Waitomo Glowworm – Fairly tale cave

Earth is a huge hideout of countless secrets. Every day around the world reveal a variety of places, resolved long unclear mysteries and see the strangest things. The man is daily exposed to the most interesting and most bizarre discoveries. Every part of our amazing planet is capable to fascinate and delight us, sometimes to scare us.

Caves Waitomo Glowworm – Geological wonder situated on the North Island of New Zealand is impressively illuminated and offers experience as a fairy tale. Here hang thousands of glowing worms that shed light on the walls of caves while tourists visit the boats. This is one of the most beautiful place from all over the world. Below you can see some awesome pics of the Waitomo Glowworm caves that will take your breath away. Also these photos will gonna make you to wish to visit this place one day and enjoy in the beauty. Waitomo Glowworm is a prove that mother nature is so powerful and she can create whatever she wants.

Image by Opticoverload via Flickr

Image by Carl Jones via Flickr

Image by Kathrin & Stefan Marks via Flickr

Image by frischifresh via Flickr

Image by Paul Hunt via Flickr

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