Want to Clean Tons of Leaves in an Instant? Here’s How

A Gallup poll, some years back, showed that fall was the second favorite season for Americans, coming in at 27% over the spring which led the poll with 36%. Winter was the least favorite.Fall is certainly beautiful with its gold and orange ambiance and cool temperatures.

There are things you can do with the interior and exterior of your home to prepare it better for this festive season, so let’s have a look at ways to do so.


Draft check

With cooler temperatures, you’ll be able to feel if there are drafts. Wherever it’s coming from, that part needs to be sealed before it gets too cold. Most likely drafts are coming from window and door edges, and these areas need to be sealed off.

Inspect the heating system

Your furnace hasn’t been used for months, but that doesn’t mean it’s still in the same condition as you last used it. Filters might need changing, and also check the furnace for any leaks. Regular maintenance is typically recommended by the makers of any furnace, so fall is the best time to make sure your heating device is ready for winter.


There’s more to do outdoors than indoors!

Leaf clearing

Leaves are lovely; clearing them is not. But that was when the only tools available were a rake and your hands. Purchasing a leaf blower instead is your best option. There are plenty of models and you can read reviews on Yard Care Life on the different leaf blowers available that most suits your yard and the amount of work that needs to be done. These leaf blowers are battery-operated which makes them light and easy to handle, cutting down on time while also not exerting your body too much. The cool thing is that a quality model can be used for other tasks as well, such as blowing snow that might be blocking your doorways, for instance.

Check the roof

This is the time of the year to check your roof for any repair jobs needed. You’ll be looking for any damaged, broken or missing shingles. If you have a flat roof, your leaf blower can come in handy from blowing away debris and leaves so you can make a thorough check.

Clean the gutter

It’s not unusual for a basement to flood. One of the main reasons for that is clogged gutters. When they get clogged they channel the water down the side of a house, which can get into the foundations causing damage.

Fertilize the lawn

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall has a double advantage: it protects it from rough winter weather, and the lawn greens up quicker when springtime comes. And if you usually face a dry weather in summer, it is important to do so.

There’s nothing tricky about getting your home in tip-top shape for all seasons. Even chores that are time consuming can be cut down drastically with the right tools and equipment. You just have to set aside some time, push the procrastination aside, and get the chores done. Then you can relish in the thought that you finished and can now enjoy your time at home.

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