Do You Want unusual summer? Just go to Rio de Janeiro!

Parallel film consists of landscapes and urban atmosphere, Rio de Janeiro is known as “The Cidade Maravilhosa” (enchanted city). Composed of beautiful mountains, white sand beaches and rainforests against the deep blue sea, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular artwork of nature. Add it to this place and most attractive population that inhabits our planet and beautiful tropical cocktails and you get heaven on earth.

With the seductive sounds of samba, Rio residents are known as Cariocas. From one of the most popular beaches of the world Copacabana and Ipanema to the beautiful mountain peaks of Corcovado and Pão de Açúcar up to dance halls, bars and outdoor cafes that extend throughout the city, residents of Rio de Janeiro live the moment without a care.

This idea of ​​paradise has enchanted visitors for centuries, and it is very easy to be enthralled because Rio de Janeiro has a million ways to seduce you. You can surf the vast salty waves, climbers through mountains and rain forests, to floating around Guanabára or dance all night in Lapa or simply watch professional dancers as he performed it on the beaches of Ipanema. If you still don’t know where you want to spent your summer vacation than we suggest you to go in Rio de Janeiro. There you will have an unforgettable summer vacation with your family or  friends. Below you can see six amazing photos of Rio de Janeiro that will gonna blow your mind and will gonna make you to wish to go there for your summer vacation.

Image by John Skodak via Flickr

Image by Nicholas Bittencourt via Flickr

Image by Carlos Ortega via Flickr

Image by Carlos Ortega via Flickr

Image by Carlos Ortega via Flickr

Image by Rubem Porto Jr via Flickr

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