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Warsaw – Phoenix City Rebuilt From the Ashes

There are ups and downs in life, but persistence is control engine which should always be followed. There is a city whose past filled many pages of history books. Several times he was completely destroyed, but each time it was built from the ground again and again. It refers to the city Warsaw.

Today it is one of the most developed cities in Europe and very popular tourist destination. No matter what kind of person you are and what your preferences and priorities, Warsaw is a place where everyone can have fun in their own way.

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Although it is now a modern European city and with large steps was going forward in its development, it is difficult to remove some unpleasant pictures. Everyone gets the impression that Warsaw is still connected to the past. Warsaw is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Poland, which lies on the Vistula River, and covers an area of 517 square kilometers. This political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Poland has 1.7 million inhabitants. Warsaw is one of the cities with the most tragic history of the world. Several times it was destroyed to the ground and its population faced with disappointments, but it was persistent on other hand.

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Because this place always rises from the ashes is also called and known as “Phoenix City”. Palaces, churches and various architectural structures are intertwined throughout the city in combination with many green areas. Warsaw is known for having the highest tower surrounded with clocks from all sides. Every clock has a diameter of 6 meters. The historic centre of the city from 1980 is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perfectly matched to each other, monumental and sublime socialist realism stands together with modern skyscrapers.

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