Make Your Wedding Tropical – Perfect Places to Say Yes

If you are planning on doing something different and wish to create a magical setting for your big day, consider going someplace tropical. There is nothing more romantic than a sandy beach, couple of palm trees and the seaside right next to your loved ones. So pack your bags and book your flight, because these are the hottest tropical destinations to get hitched.


The best thing about Aruba, well except the exceptional weather where you can be sure to catch the sun all year round, is the fact that Aruba has multitude of fabulous resorts for intimate and private weddings. Its arid climate and blond beaches create a perfect setting for your big day. This tropical location with the combination of European architecture gives away the feeling of a movie setting, where you and your loved one are the protagonists.


If you are considering a tropical wedding and want something that is at the same time both exotic and elegant, Bermuda is the ideal destination for you. The pink sandy beaches and the magical south shore will certainly leave you breathless. There are all kinds of spectacular horizons that would make perfect wedding settings. Also, don’t miss out the on the fairy like cottages that overlook the Atlantic. And don’t let the stories about the Bermuda triangle scare you off, the only thing you will get in is the look of your loved one when you say ‘yes’.


How can you think about planning a wedding without just screaming Hawaii? Whether you are planning your special day or you are searching for a place to spend your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with Hawaii. Its lush valleys and amazing waterfalls definitely won’t leave you feeling indifferent. The best thing about this volcanic archipelago is the fact that every inch of it is covered with breathtaking nature minutiae. Hawaii is best known for its wedding receptions that are usually held on its impressive cliffs and canyons. But don’t despair, if you are looking to make your reception on a beach near the shore, this place has plenty beautiful white sand beaches to explore.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been called the happiest place on earth. So can you imagine a more perfect destination to start your new life than this one? The mesmerizing nature will surely bedazzle you and make you want to move there. It has a number of beautiful waterfalls, rainforests and volcanoes that will take your breath away. You can choose from a variety of different black and white sand beaches that overlook both the Caribbean and Pacific waters.


Beside the phenomenal scenery and magical surroundings, Australia has to offer some of the best wedding places to get hitched. The combination of nature and luxury will definitely make an astonishing destination for your big day. If you are searching for beach wedding venues in Sydney you will find that every place just exudes the romantic, unique and superb feeling. Make sure not to miss the splendor that this grand destination has to offer.

These are some of the most fantastic settings to create the wedding day of your dreams. These fairy tale destinations should definitely be considered for your big day. We guarantee that anything you choose from this list will make an unforgettable event that you will talk about years later. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter where you choose to make your wedding day, the thing that will really make it special is spending it with your loved ones.

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