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Weird and Unusual Museums Across the World

Around the world there are museums of history, art and science. But among those museums which itself collect knowledge and traditions from around the world, there are those that can literally be defined as weird. Many museums actually are unusual and process specific topics of bizarre artifacts.

1. Museum of Bad Art

This museum is located in Brooklyn and Somerville, Massachusetts. In short, it represents collection, display and celebration of bad art in every form. Its mission is to portray the worst works in the history.

2. Mütter Museum

Mütter Museum is located in Philadelphia. It is medical museum full of medical abnormality, wax models and antique equipment.

3. Sulabh Museum

That is an international museum of toilets, located in New Delhi in India. If you ever wanted to learn how toilets evolved, there you have the whole of their history over the last 4,500 years.

4. Museum of broken relationships<>
This museum is located in Zagreb and is dedicated to failed relationships. It contains personal items left by former lovers, accompanied by brief descriptions.

5. Katten Kabinet

This museum is founded in 1990 in Amsterdam by William Meyer, in memory of his cat Tom. It is a temple of the cats, complete with pictures and sculptures.

6. Parasitological museum Meguro

Learn everything you wanted to know about tapeworms, lice and many other parasites. The collection contains 300 samples, including nine meter tapeworm. It is not recommended for people with weak stomach.

7. Museum of Medieval Torture

In Amsterdam is situated collection of more than a hundred devices for torture. Many visitors remain with slightly open mouth, asking yourself the question how anyone could invent those devices.

8. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

This museum for four years provides a quick and inexpensive meal to students with their cap-dumplings. The museum is dedicated to the creator of Momofuku Ando dumplings and it held workshops that teach visitors how to make their noodles.

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