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Welcome to Doha, a Place of Luxury and Prestige

You may wonder whether in Doha has enough activities for a weekend and why you need to travel to Qatar? The country is very safe, with long straight roads, perfect shopping malls and carefully enclosed beaches with special areas for children. It is the liberal part of the Middle East.

Travelling to Doha is a unique and unforgettable experience. Desert terrain, loving people and rich nightlife are stirring our imagination and curiosity of this place.

Once was a small fishing village near a shallow bay of the Persian Gulf, but today Doha is an amazing city that owes its wealth of oil and natural gas reserves. Doha is largest and also the capital city of Qatar. The bigger part of the population is situated there – even 60% and also represents an important economic center in the country. As its closest neighbors – Dubai and Abu Dhabi would not dazzle, Doha has invested heavily in education, culture and sports with the aim of becoming a world-class city. But, what attracting the most attention from visitors is its beauty. Like any metropolis, certainly Doha has interesting buildings, beautiful architecture, styles and nature that are pride to residents of this city. However, that is the most interesting about it is a beautiful image that represents overall as a perfect mosaic from the colors of the brilliant way creating the entirety of the city.

Doha is an important sports center and station, taking important cultural and sports events. Sport is very popular in Doha. The stadiums are all over the place and 12 new builds up to the World Cup. Most of them are designed so that it can be dismantled after the event and worshiped to some developing country. The city of Doha also is famous by the camel race. On the slopes of Doha is “Hippodrome” to which the camels transported by train. Only one negative thing can be separated, that is the heat. In the middle of summer temperatures can reach up to 45C, but in the spring is pleasant 21 C.

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