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Welcome to Miami, Florida

It might sound clichéd, but it is so for a reason: one of the main tourist attractions that bring visitors to Miami is the weather. Boasting upwards of 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and temperatures that rarely fall below 20°C (68°F), even in winter, the Florida capital is the ideal place for people looking to soak up some rays.

Brilliant beaches

Going had in hand with the glorious weather are the beaches. Miami hosts miles of stunning white stretches of sand that entice visitors all year round. Some of the best ones to visit are Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Beach itself, and the world famous South Beach. Known for its stunning art deco architecture and happening nightlife, there are few better places than South Beach to enjoy a refreshing Mojito! You can even check some of the boat rentals Miami and continue your enjoyment in the blue.

Image by Timothy Valentine via Flickr

Fabulous food

Famed for hosting a fusion of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, Miami offers a culinary feast for gastronomes everywhere. Home to the best Cuban cuisine outside Cuba, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious eateries. A restaurant that should feature on any itinerary is Versailles, well known by many as one of the World’s finest Cuban restaurants. One thing to note about Miami is that it’s common to have dinner late into the evening, even as late as midnight. So feel free to have a late lunch on a lazy day.

Image by Chris Goldberg via Flickr

Designer destination

Miami is a haven for shopaholics. The streets of South Beach are home to a number of designer boutiques offering, unique jewellery and haute couture that’ll make you the envy of your friends when you get home. No shopping trip to Miami would be complete without a visit to the Design District. This area offers stylish art galleries, high-end furniture stores, and a wealth of antiques dealers. Just remember you have to take it all back with you!

Image by Felipe Ovalle via Flickr

Family fun

From sea creatures to kids’ castles, to alligator farms – there are attractions and galleries galore in Miami. Swim with dolphins by purchasing Miami Seaquarium tickets, let kids rule the world in kid sized banks and supermarkets at the Miami Children’s Museum, or venture into the great outdoors (complete with alligators!) at Everglades.

Image by Ross Cobb via Flickr

Image by Stephen Sizemore via Flickr

Miami is a magical tourist destination. It’s a city that offers something for everyone, and for every reason to visit, there is another reason to come back!

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