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Western Wall aka Wailing Wall – Sacred Place to Pray

In Jerusalem, a city that is construction of suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, already 2,000 years has no peace. On this place of the earth was flowed so much blood and was played so many battles. In Jerusalem has been said countless prayers. By the time of Jesus Christ, the city was conquered eleven times and five times completely destroyed. His remains represent witness to the past, according to research from archaeologists, Jerusalem was built on 20 meters high layer of ruins. The Western Wall of also known as Wailing Wall is a holy peace which is located in Jerusalem.

Western Wall is destination of important historical significance that really worth a visit.

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The Western or Wailing Wall is a wall of the Second Temple of the time of Solomon in Jerusalem and is considered as the holiest site in Judaism. According to the Bible, Solomon’s temple was built about ten centuries before Jesus Christ and was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. The Second Temple was built in the year 516 by King Solomon, son of the great David. After the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in the first century, the Wailing Wall is the only structure that remains of it. According to the Islamic religion that place is sacred because Solomon is considered at sacred prophet.

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Also, it is believed that Muhammad came there in order this place to be resurrected. Jews are coming from all over the world to pray leaving messages on paper in the cracks of the Western wall. More recently the Wailing Wall has become a place where people want to be redeemed by writing big checks. So the total amount received checks left in the cracks reached a number that surprised everyone. In it are found 507 checks, each written in a million dollars. But checks are not addressed and therefore can not be used.

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