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What Does Full Service Moving Include? A Simple Guide

When you’re planning a move, there’s so much to think of and consider. Packing up all your possessions and transporting them safely to the new location can be daunting. That’s why full service movers are often the go-to solution for many people looking for an efficient and stress-free way to get from their current home to their new one. But what is full service moving exactly? In this article, we’ll provide a simple guide on what you can expect from it so that you can plan accordingly!

What Do Full Service Movers Do?

Moving house is associated with stress and anxiety so it might be a good idea to turn to professional help to bring down the pressure. One favorable option, in this regard, is full-service movers. But what does full service moving include exactly? Here are seven essential tasks these professionals will manage for you.

1. Moving coordination

Moving coordination with full-service movers can help ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation. Professional movers will take into account details such as packing materials, fragile items, and appliance disassembly. Plus, they offer invaluable help by sourcing trusted subcontractors if the job needs additional labor or specialized equipment. Coordination with full-service movers ensures that you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple sources and making sure everyone has what they need on the day of your move.

2. Supplying all packing materials

Full-service movers will likewise provide you with all of your packing materials. This simplifies the process drastically since it takes out the hassle of having to shop around for boxes, tape, cushioning, wrapping paper, and all other items necessary for proper packing and transport. By having all of these materials provided by professionals, you are guaranteed that your belongings will arrive at their destination safe and damage-free.

3. Packing

For those who do not have extra time or are uncertain about their packing ability, full-service movers can help make the entire process much less stressful. This includes properly boxing and labeling items so that they are fully protected during transit, as well as finding suitable vehicles to contain all items safely en route.

4. Furniture disassembly

Furniture disassembly requires both time and skill to correctly take apart and package up pieces of furniture so that they won’t get damaged during the move. The team of professionals can dismantle and reassemble your furniture quickly, properly, and with minimal stress or effort on your part.

5. Truck loading and unloading

Experienced movers know how to safely and efficiently pack the truck so that your most precious items are safe from potential damage during transport. Professional unloading services can help you feel settled in as quickly as possible at your new residence or office because they know how to get all your items inside without scratching walls or floors.

6. Transporting your belongings

Rather than having to find your means of transporting what you own from your current home to your new one, full-service movers provide the ability to quickly and safely get everything there in one journey — no matter how much stuff needs to go. Their teams of well-trained professionals also take extra care when handling fragile or valuable possessions.

7. Unpacking

With full-service movers, you don’t have to worry about unpacking either. Professional movers will carefully unpack each box and place your belongings where you want them in your new home. Whether it’s placing dishes in the kitchen cabinets or hanging pictures on the wall, they can take care of it all.

8. Disposal of packing materials

One final task full-service moving companies manage for you is the disposal of packing material for you. This means that, once your items have been safely delivered to their new address, the mover will take care of discarding the boxes and supplies used to package them. No more long trips to a recycling plant!

How to Find Reliable Full-Service Movers

Read customer reviews and ratings

Reading reviews offers you the chance to get an inside perspective on how certain companies operate so that you can find an established mover with a track record of success. Plus, customer reviews often provide honest and helpful advice that can give you a better idea of which services are offered by different companies, as well as what to expect during the moving process.

Consider years of experience

It is wise to look for movers who are well-established and have years of experience in the industry. Experienced companies are likely to have encountered a wide range of challenges, increasing their knowledge in the field and allowing them to provide quality service.

Check license and insurance

It is essential to check the credentials of any moving company you are considering to ensure they provide comprehensive coverage of any damage that occurred during the relocation process. A professional and reliable moving service will be able to assure you that your possessions are safe by providing a valid license and registered insurance coverage.

Check the physical address

Most credible moving companies will have a physical office with a professional staff. A company that does not list any address should be viewed with circumspection: it may point to a lack of professionalism or legitimacy.

Compare quotes from several companies

Always start by researching local movers and requesting quotes from at least three different companies. This will ensure you get an accurate representation of rates in your area, as well as give you a sense of how much services might cost.

Find out what’s included

When researching different companies, dive into the details, and get a clear understanding of which services are included in their quote and whether there will be additional charges for other items. Knowing upfront what your move will include and how much you’ll be paying will help avoid unwanted surprises and ensure you get the best deal on quality service from the moving company that works best for you.


So here you have it — a full guide to what is a full service moving company and how to choose one for your relocation. When looking for your perfect service provider, don’t be afraid to contact multiple companies and compare quotes — this is how you’ll find the best deal. And don’t forget to review their insurance plans and read customer reviews, too. Good luck!

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