What manners should be kept at home of friends from distant countries?

When we find ourselves abroad or an unknown territory, do not always know how to behave in order not to offend the hosts. Depending on where you plan to be your next trip, keep in mind these few rules.

1. South Korea

When you enter in home of the host from South Korea, remember from front door to praise the arrangement of the house or apartment. Also, even if you do not like the food, you still have to do our best to eat everything.

2. United Kingdom

If you want visit someone in the United Kingdom, then you need to take with you a lot of alcohol, because a bottle is never enough.

3. India

In India, guests are considered as divine shadows and as sign of welcome host will offer you a glass of water. You must drink it. Kissing with the host is not recommended. During the meal, you should know that “No, thank you” does not mean rejection of food, because the hostess will continue adding food on your plate. To stop eating should reject with gestures like waving hands and demonstrating to the stomach.

4. Italy

If hosts offer you pasta or something else, you do not ask for teaspoon, unless they serve any kind of soup.

5. Canada

In Canada you will show that you are well behaved if you help the host to clear up the kitchen afterwards.

6. Spain

In Spain, dinner is always scheduled at 21 pm or later, but never before.

7. Argentina

In Argentina you may not leave from anywhere until you drink coffee after a meal.

8. Cuba

In this country smile plays a key role. When you visit someone always keep your smile, no matter what.

9. Greece

If you want to visit someone in Greece, you must take an alcoholic drink, cake and flowers in a pot, which hosts will set on their terrace.

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