What to do when in Port Douglas

If you ever find your way in Queensland, Australia, which is filled with a number of fascinating tourist destinations, make sure you do not miss out on Port Douglas. From its beginnings as a dreamy 1960’s fishing village until today, this town became a sophisticated alternative to Cairns’ vibrant tourist scene. With the Daintree Rainforest in its backyard and the outer Great Barrier Reef less than an hour away, Port Douglas truly is an underappreciated tourist gem of Queensland. So, now that I have convinced you should go, here is a list of all the amazing things you can do once you are there.

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Start with Daintree Rainforest

First, you should visit one of the most staggering places around. Go for a one day tour to World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest. As you are travelling along the scenic coastal road you will be wowed with all the natural beauty. Make sure you stop by to Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, the Daintree River, Mossman Gorge and more.

Move on to the Great Barrier Reef

When in Port Douglas, you simply must visit Aussie’s most dreamed-about destination – Great Barrier Reef. Though it is an hour away from the very city, there are many organized day trips or you can simply go with your friends. If you want to dive or snorkel there, to get to know the sublime marine life of the Coral Sea, however, you should go with professionals (unless you are an experienced diver yourself).

Stay in some of the City’s Resorts

Port Douglas has a growing number of resorts, because of the current growth in visitors of the city. Still, they are all very accessible and refined, since they are not yet captured by the hectic tourists scene, such as the one in Cairns. You can choose from a villa on a beachside, luxury hotel, spa accommodation, a gay friendly resort, and a million of different places according to your preferences.

Catch some Sun at Four Mile Beach

The town’s main attraction is just five minute walk from the main Port Douglas district. Starting from the northern rocky headland, this premier beach unfolds in a gentle curve and continues as far as an eye can reach. Not only it will provide you with great time for resting and enjoying, but it will also captivate you with its charm.  The place is also great for kids to explore.

Taste the Wines

Port Douglas is famous for its fine and slightly unusual wines, so you should not miss out on the chance to taste them. Have you ever tasted a tropical fruit wine? I did not think so. Visit some of the boutique winery to taste wines made of sweet fruits, such as lychee and mango, and you other wines will never taste the same to you. Get all gadgety and download a good wine app for good deals and recommendations.

Explore the Oceanic Art Gallery

The impressive collection of both contemporary Australian art and Aboriginal art will help you understand and experience, not only the life in Port Douglas as it is now, but also its history and origins. It is interesting to see works of group of contemporary painters called the Lockhart River Art Gang which represent a whole new generation of indigenous artists.

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There are many options for entertaining, exploring and relaxing in Port Douglas, from fishing to cruising. Once you are there, you will surely find something that completely meets your need and fall in love in this charming town.

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