Where to Ski in America

Many ask where to ski in America. It’s a valid question because there are practically countless resorts. Wherever the suggestion of a mountain or wintertime is, a ski slope can be found. The question becomes: which are the best slopes to hit? Well, for those in school of any calibre, there are a number of reputable resorts with group amenities. Below listed are five top-rated ski resorts in America. These five resorts also cater specifically to school and group needs.

For those visiting the east coast, Cannon is one of New Hampshire’s most vetted resorts. With the longest vertical run in the state, exceptional accommodations, as well as proximity to resorts Waterville Valley and Loon on either side, this idyllic resort is a wonderful first outing for skiers new to America and the east coast. It snows on average four metres every season, but if there’s a dry spell the folks running the resort have the technology to keep those slopes perpetually fluffy.

Loon is right near Cannon, and there are some deals where a school trip can get a free stopover in Boston; so research accordingly to find additional offerings with package trips. Voted in the top ten American ski resorts, its no wonder this is a top-of-the-head response people give when asked where to ski in America. Loon has some excellent slopes, and of course the modern amenities one comes to expect in a ski resort. There are also many off-slope activities for those in the group not so inclined to the experience. Loon’s resort covers three peaks, which have a variety of beginner and advanced runs.

Sugarloaf is just plain sweet. Located in Maine, ‘The Loaf’ is known as the largest resort on the east coast. It’s also the only location in the north east where somebody can go skiing above the tree line, if they so desire. There is definitely an iconic depth to the visuals surrounding Sugarloaf, but infrastructure has by no means left this location bereft of anything. The resort is massive, the vistas are wonderful, the slopes are great, and school package trips are directly available. Check out Sugarloaf for a great time.

Now Sunday River offers eight interconnected peaks with their own particular eccentricities and offerings. There are runs to accommodate the seasoned skiier, but just as many for the beginner. Sunday River has some excellent options for the individual who has time enough to explore them. It gets four and a quarter metres of snow on the yearly, so slopes are always powdery white. There’s a reason a lot of travelers answer “Sunday River” when asked where to ski in America.

Finally there’s Waterville Valley. The best slope for beginners, this resort is never too crowded, and the advanced skiers will find happiness as well, since many past Olympians have made this resort their home base. There is a substantial effort made to accommodate school trips, and many come back with nothing but excellent remarks about the amenities and beauty of the slopes.

So these have been five excellent slopes for school trips. For the group traveling from the UK, Ski Adaptable is a service which works in coordination of the many ski resorts and packages available. A trip to Boston is included with any of the packages that cater to the specific resorts mentioned above, so that doubles the educational opportunities of a potential outing. It’s easy to get quotes on Ski Adaptable’s website, and there are sure to be options to fit any group’s requirements. For deals at some of the best resorts in America, check out Ski Adaptable.

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