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Why Calgary Is Great For Sightseers

Alberta offers more than most parts of Canada to its tourists. From breathtaking views, fantastic food, kind people, and great sports teams, the province pulls its weight. In the lower part of the region, surrounded by mountains and rivers, sits the jewel that’s Calgary. This city is home to 1.3 million people and pulls in 7.7 million tourists every year thanks to everything it offers.

Above all, Calgary is sweet for the eyes.

Here are some of the best views any sightseer should seek out, and why they should visit!

Bow Habitat Station

The Bow Habitat Station’s focus is on education and conservation. You can feed fish, learn how to do your part for the environment, and see beautiful art inspired by the local wildlife. This park has been taking steps to take care of current safety concerns, and is still open to help educate and entertain people of any age!

KatherineCraw_18 / CC BY-SA

Calgary Tower

This tall tower, reminiscent of the Seattle Space Needle, is a gorgeous and eye-catching building in downtown Calgary. Over 190 meters tall, this tower was once known as the Husky tower but was updated in the 1960s to celebrate Canada’s centennial.

Fort Calgary

This fort has a complicated history that has been getting unraveled further and further in recent years. Stark and beautiful in a way, this tall and long white building stands out against the fields in which it sits. Now a historical site that explains its past and offers a glimpse at what made Calgary into what it is, it’s a must-see for anyone who wants to know more about Alberta.

The Hangar Flight Museum

Formerly known as the Aerospace Museum of Calgary, this museum is located just south of the local airport. Offering a glimpse into the past of aeronautics and hope for this science’s future, this museum can dazzle and amaze any history buff. Over 24 aircraft are available for viewing, along with nearly sixty aeronautical engines.

Daniel from Glasgow, United Kingdom / CC BY


A desire to learn about and understand science has never been as crucial as it is in recent times. This science museum has both hands-on and informative displays that will entertain anyone of any age, while also educating people on how far we’ve come. Located in downtown Calgary, this museum is visited by nearly 450k people every year, with almost a quarter of these people students. It has enough to keep your attention while also making sure you leave still thinking about what you’ve learned.

Mack Male from Edmonton, AB, Canada / CC BY-SA

Calaway Park

This outdoor amusement park could be the reason endless people start looking for Calgary homes for sale. Happily offering guests unlimited rides to choose from, this park is just outside the city and is a good enough reason to drag visitors outside of the town. This park will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2022 and has proved itself a staple in the city for that entire time.

D’Arcy Norman from Calgary, Canada / CC BY

Calgary is a winner, eager to show you the future we’re working towards while reminding you how far the city has come.

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