Why Campervanning isn’t as Uncomfortable as you might think

Campervanning has a bad rap that it doesn’t deserve. Hollywood generally includes campervans in comedy movies where the van is at the center of ridiculous and implausible (and supposedly funny) scenarios or in horror movies. Occasionally you get a gem where a more glamourous side is shown but generally the public has an impression that campervanning is a group of people living on top of each other in hot, cramped conditions with attempts at modern conveniences included.

This is so not the truth. The berth capacity of a campervan allows for maximum room per person (so don'[t exceed it if you don’t want to be cramped) and modern campervans have terrific features that really do make them a home from home. There are also ways to customize your van or add features to make it more comfy and easier to enjoy stress-free travel.

Make it environmentally friendly

Everybody is more environmentally conscious these days but it doesn’t always extend beyond the obvious; i.e. saving energy at home, recycling, reducing litter etc., but it can also be applied to your camper van. One of the ways to glamp up your van is to install portable solar panels. The panels charge and recharge your batteries, providing, clean quiet energy. You can add additional electronics to your van to increase your comfort, and not drain your battery.

Make it feel more like home

Your campervan is your home while you’re on the road so make it feel like a home. You can make the space feel more personal with the addition of pictures and photographs just like you have back in your house. You can choose favorite artworks or family photos. Travel themed images are a nice touch so you might consider using photographs from previous trips.

Glamp it up

A modern campervan has all the basics but even the most luxurious models can still be made for glamorous. You can easily change it from a campervan to a ‘glamper’ with little effort. If you approach it in the same way as you would decorate a room at home, there are plenty of ways to personalize your campervan. Think about changing curtains for a plush fabric, add cushions and rugs, maybe even bring in better quality mattresses.

Keep it equipped

There’s no reason to have a “make-do” attitude when traveling in a campervan. It is not uncommon to fill the van with cast offs or items you don’t really use at home when you first start out but as time goes by, buy new pans for the kitchen, have decent flatware and crockery rather than a bunch of mismatched items. Upgrade the TV. Add a DVD player or hook up some speakers so you can use the entertainment facilities on your smartphone or tablet. Map reading is a fun part of the trip but there’s no reason to not have a good GPS fitted.

By thinking about your campervan as a second home, you can make it fun, comfortable, and eco-friendly with little effort.

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