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Why Every Owner Should Plan A Kitchen Remodel Before A Renovation

Every kitchen deserves to look its best. And in the home, there’s so much to offer with a well modelled, well designed kitchen. When you look at a home, there’s usually 3 primary things that people look at. There’s the master bedroom, there’s the bathroom, and there’s the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where people look to gather, feed their children, and find calm in the recipes they love. Having it to look as amazing as possible is a top priority. But what if your kitchen doesn’t necessarily inspire one with the given aesthetic? You have two options: you can remodel or you can renovate. Renovation uses what you already have in order to give new life to your kitchen. It changes a few key visible details in order to completely change the look of the space. Remodelling entails physically breaking down the walls and rebuilding the place from scratch. Both are wonderful options for your home, but they work best if done in tandem. And although they’re often used interchangeably, in the context of this article, we will be using these definitions.

Professional Support

If you choose to remodel first, you have the entire arm of design and construction options. There are professionals that can help you every step of the way. If you have questions in regards to style, they can point you to common kitchen renovations that would suit your home the best. Imagine having someone with you to answer your questions? Imagine someone with all the experience know exactly what you’re looking for immediately after you say it. These are the benefits of having a remodeling team with you.

You Get To Control The Design

Remodeling means that the control is in your hands. It’s like getting a new canvas for a painting as opposed to editing someone else’s pre-existing work. You get to really let the artist in you out with your ideas. When you renovate, you have a whole set of options that you decide because you chose the design. There are significantly less hiccups and details lost in translation as a result. You’ll find yourself with more time and less headaches in the long run.

Add To The Value Of Your Home

Most homes are modeled after a cookie-cutter mold that massive development companies decide is the most cost effective. This means that it can be wonderful, or wholly unflattering, depending on what the allocated cost was. Remodelling and renovating the kitchen can add thousands upon thousands to the value of your home. It’s a refreshing look to a common frame and can be a deciding factor if you decide to sell the home. Overall, the kitchen you choose will always be more valuable than the kitchen it came with.

Your kitchen is a reflection of you. Your style, your sensibilities, and your intuition will reflect on how you choose your kitchen. And that, in turn, becomes a massive positive investment in the value of your home. If you choose to just renovate, you’re adding variations on a pre-existing theme. With a remodel, you leave your stamp on the structure forever.

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