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Why You Should Visit Bali Right Now

“Beautiful” doesn’t quite cut it. “Inspiring” barely scratches the surface. Breathtaking? Perhaps. When it comes to describing Bali, only a slew of adjectives including – magical, dumbfounding, incredible and the like can do justice to the array of scenic beaches, landscapes, culture and history that Bali boasts of.

And rightly so. Bali is every tourist’s dream and every traveler’s fantasy. Little wonder over 5 million tourists flocked to the little Indonesian Island for a taste of fantasy in 2016 – and that figure keeps rising.

Across the tourist circles, Bali has gained recognition as one of the hottest sites for any traveler who wants to experience luxury. For instance, in 2017, Forbes unveiled Bali as an enchanting luxury destination in its Forbes Travel Guide Star Awards.

But What’s so Special About Bali?

Located in the Indonesian Archipelago, Bali is one of more than 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. About four million locals call Bali home and that number swells throughout the year as a result of the influx of tourists. Bali is also known as “the Island of the Gods.” That moniker is no fluke. Here are a number of reasons for which Bali stands out.

Unique Cities

Bali offers a potpourri of experiences from its cluster of cities. From Kuta, Padang Bai, Lovina to Ubud, each city has its distinct and unique characteristics. For instance, Kuta – the famed and most developed city in Bali – is a surfer’s dreamland with upscale shopping and vibrant nightlife while Padang Bai is perfect for a more relaxed fishing and diving experience.

Warm People

The community of people in Bali is just one of a kind. It almost seems everyone has a course in tourism management. Of course, you would meet one or two grumpy people but generally, the indigenes of Bali are warm, friendly and welcoming.

A New Cultural Experience

Estimates peg the number of temples in Bali to a whopping 20,000. These ancient temples by themselves are historical monuments that will enthrall you. Each year, these temples hold various ceremonies. As a tourist, you’re sure to chance on one festival or the other during your visit. The music and dancing, colorful dresses and food will hold you spellbound.

Idyllic Beaches

Bali has a rich assortment of picturesque beaches, each with its own array of feature and attraction. These range from white sandy coastlines of the south, which include the limestone cliff-fringed secret beaches of the Bukit peninsula, as well as the remote beaches with calm waves of Bali’s northern coast.

Sunny Weather

Because Bali is located 8 degrees south of the equator, the climate is more often than not tropical, warm and humid throughout the year with two main seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. So, get going, Bali’s sunshine awaits.

Luxurious Services

There are tons of hotels and facilities offering first-rate services. There are luxury hotels and resorts that offer stunning services. However, just like other tourist destinations, there are scammers who try to defraud visitors. That is why integrity – proven integrity – is important. For instance, one of the important services, you’ll require is an excellent Bali driver. Your transport arrangements need to be handled by a company with expertise and experience in the area.

Will Bali Meet my Expectations?

That’s the wrong question. Now, here’s the right question: How much fun can you have? Bali is all about the luxury lifestyle. If you’ve been sorely disappointed by other tourist sites because what they touted and what they offered differed, Bali will not disappoint. No matter your expectation concerning luxury, Bali is sure to deliver.

Why Wait?

All the luxury you’ve ever dreamed of is nestled in one word: Bali. So if you’re thinking of a place to go, whether for yourself, company, family and friends, Bali should be first on your checklist. And do your due diligence: research extensively and make sure you craft the right experience that will be worth your money.

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