Why you should buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah has become the hallmark of the United Arab Emirates and the country’s largest metropolis – Dubai.  The island’s real estate belongs to the elite category, as it is associated with a high quality of life. The choice is quite wide, ranging from apartments in residential complexes, for example in Palm Views, and ending with premium class villas. Why is this area attractive for moving to permanent residence and is it worth investing money in Palm Jumeirah real estate? To answer these questions, it is worth getting to know the island better.

About the island

The artificially created embankment imitates a tree, the trunk of which is surrounded by branches, and the top is crowned with a crescent moon. The largest hotel in the emirate is located on the crescent-shaped crown. The rest of the territory is given over to development in the form of residential projects and villas. The infrastructure includes private and public parking spaces, parks, walking paths, fitness centers, water park, dolphinarium, diving center, as well as shopping mall.

Advantages of real estate in Palm Jumeirah

The creation began in 2001 and five years later the first buildings appeared on it. The uniqueness of the area lies in its location. The territory is washed by water from all sides, it is connected to the mainland by a highway and a monorail. With all the demand among tourists, Palm Jumeirah allows you to lead a rather intimate lifestyle, unlike, for example, the sought-after community of Dubai Marina. The island is chosen by wealthy and comfort-loving people. Among the advantages of real estate can be noted the following items:

  • Prestige. The area is known far beyond the emirate.
  • Large selection of objects. You can buy both one-bedroom apartments, as well as a luxury villa or a spacious penthouse.
  • Spectacular view from the windows. The water surface attracts the eye.
  • Constantly growing demand. In 2021, the district took a leading position in sales.
  • Regular capitalization of value. Prices are rising regularly, which allows you to resell an apartment if such a desire arises with a profit.

Profitability of investing in Palm Jumeirah apartments

As an investment, real estate on the island brings a significant profit, the coefficient of which can reach 6-8% per annum. Vacationers appreciate not only the snow-white beaches, but also the proximity to the central districts of Dubai. The main attractions of the emirate are 10-15 minutes away by car. International airports are 20 to 30 minutes away. Given the limited area for development, the cost of real estate will only grow.

Our assistance in buying real estate in Dubai

Emirates.Estate presents an extensive database of UAE real estate. The catalog contains current ads from developers and local real estate agencies. You can choose an apartment, an apartment, a villa in Palm Jumeirah or in other popular communities in Dubai. The aggregator’s specialists are always in touch. They are ready to help with the choice and answer all questions related to moving to permanent residence or investing in real estate as an investment.

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