Amazing Winter Getaways in Costa Rica for Snowbirds Heading South

The United States has just been through one of the wackiest winters in recorded weather history. There were an unprecedented number of tornadoes in the South, record snows in the North and in the Northwest, record amounts of rain in some areas and snow in others.

Of course, after years of drought in California, those torrential rains will help in the coming summer months, but as a result of all this, snowbirds are already looking for properties in countries like Costa Rica as prime real estate for winter getaways! Here are some amazing places to consider.

Montezuma Homes for Sale in Costa Rica

Near the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, in Montezuma to be precise, there are some truly amazing homes for sale in Costa Rica. Based on the size and condition of these homes, and being that they are located in what many consider to be a tropical paradise, they are priced way under what you could find a comparable property for in any of the southern areas of the United States.

If you want to get a quick look at some houses in Costa Rica to see just how affordable they are comparably, check out For probably less than half of what you’d pay for a property of 2.5 acres in South Florida, actually less than 25% of most, you’ll get a virtual mansion in an area of the country that has so much to offer in terms of lovely weather and natural beauty.

Puerto Viejo for that Laid Back Beach Experience All Winter Long!

Many people travel to the Caribbean for the winter to get that Afro-Caribbean atmosphere that is totally laid back yet fun loving as well. Costa Rica has their own version of Afro-Caribbean culture in the form of Puerto Viejo life on the beaches that are among the most pristine in the world. Located on the Caribbean side of the country, Puerto Viejo is quickly becoming one of the most popular winter abodes for snowbirds seeking shelter from long and very cold winters to the north.

Whether you are simply seeking refuge from winter weather or are hoping to do a bit of commerce six months of the year, this would be an ideal location because of the miles of beautiful beaches that make this a tourist’s Mecca.

Property in the USA Is Simply Unaffordable!

The bottom line is that property in the United States has simply become unaffordable to the average person who doesn’t have the wherewithal to pay two mortgages each and every month. Few people in the current economy can afford a summer home in the USA and a winter home in the Deep South, so many snowbirds are looking at locations like the amazing winter getaways in nations like Costa Rica.

The weather is absolutely lovely, there is never a need to shovel yourself out your driveway and as a tropical resort area, there is always something to do and see. Sit on the beach with a cool tropical punch (the kind with some punch to it that is!) and smile at the thought of all that snow in your driveway back home that you won’t need to shovel. If that isn’t worth a winter getaway in Costa Rica, what is?

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